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Preparing for Course Registration

Course registration is a sequential process. The steps for course registration are presented below:
  1. Student must be currently or previously enrolled at Rockford University
    Registration for students is open by class standing, (Graduate, Senior, Junior, and Sophomore) according to the academic calendar. Refer to the Rockford University website for specific registration dates

  2. Confirm Advisor Assignment
    Prior to registration, login to PowerCAMPUS Self-Service and confirm your Advisor. Your advisor is identified in your course schedule. Refer to pg. 7.
    • Undergraduate: Contact the Registrar’s Office via e-mail ( for questions regarding your Advisor. In the email, be sure to provide a Subject line of “Advisor Assignment”.
    • Graduate: Graduate Advisors are available for MBA and MAT programs.

  3. Schedule an appointment with your Advisor
    • Undergraduate: Schedule a meeting with your Advisor to discuss your schedule for the following semester. It is recommended that students fill their shopping cart in Self-Service with courses prior to meeting with their Advisor.

Graduation Requirements

The table below lists the various methods that are available for checking your progression against graduation requirements. These provide guidance when selecting courses for the following semester.

These methods can be used in combination with your unofficial transcript, which is also available to view in Self Service and the Academic Catalog, which can be found on the Rockford University website.

Undergraduate Requirements Graduate Requirements
Declaration of Major / Minor Form
  • A form that lists all classes required specifically to complete your major or minor.
To declare a major or a minor, a student must contact their Advisor to complete a Declaration of Major / Minor form. The completed form must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office. The student will receive a copy of this form when it is submitted.
Plan of Study
  • A report that outlines the course of study to complete certification of graduation and / or master’s degree.
  • Graduation requirements for graduate students.
A copy of the Plan of Study is provided to the student at the time of their first registration.
Balance Sheet
  • A report prepared when a student first enrolls at the university that lists entrance completion requirements, general education requirements and advisor assignment for undergraduate students.
A copy of the report is given to the student at the time of their first registration. It is updated at the end of each semester. Updated copies of this form may be requested via the Registrar’s Office.
General Education Requirements Report
  • A report that contains a list of the completed general education requirements for undergraduate students
Prior to registration, currently enrolled students receive this report, via Rockford University e-mail account, for the following semester.
Progress Report
  • A report that identifies all requirements for graduation including the major, minor (if applicable), general education requirements and all-college requirements.
A Progress Report is not completed until after a major / minor declaration.

Prior to registration, an updated copy of this report is sent either to student’s permanent address or campus mailbox.

Administrative and Registration Stops

The following are types of administrative and registration stops that may occur during the registration process:
  1. Do not allow registration
    • Acct Balance (Account balance) - student must go to SAS Office to clear financial obligations prior to registering.
    • FA Inc. - Student must go to SAS Office to complete Financial Aid paperwork for the current semester prior to registering for subsequent semesters.
    • Lang HC - An Immunization Hold. Student must contact Lang Health Center prior to registration.

  2. Do not allow access to grades and transcripts
    • Acct Balance (Account balance) - student must contact the SAS Office to clear financial obligations prior to registration.

  3. Information only